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An NCDR Overview-Non-CE
Statement of Need

The purpose of this course is to highlight NCDR’s 25 plus year history, registry benefits, available resources, registry governance, and the important value hospital facilities can gain through participation.  This course answers the questions of why hospital participation is important and the benefits of registry participation.  This presentation will help hospitals and private practices determine their future in quality improvement as we to continue to work together towards a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes for all.  This understanding will help them facilitate positive decisions about quality performance and improvement. This knowledge will also allow participants to feel more empowered to champion the registries and quality based on their increased knowledge of the broad scope of our mission.


  • Identify NCDR’s mission and vision, history, value, and governance. 
  • Discuss NCDR Stakeholders and global participation.
  • Explore quality and development processes and available resources. 
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Expires on Dec 31, 2030
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