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Important First Steps and Useful Information
From the Team at the National Cardiovascular Data Registry, we welcome you!

We are pleased you have chosen the ACC’s NCDR as your quality improvement partner and look forward to working with you!  We have supplied educational and on-boarding videos for your convenience and encourage you to contact us at or  1-800-257-4737 if you have any questions! 

To optimize your successful on-boarding to NCDR, please address the Important First Steps and Useful Information along with the 5 Action Items listed below and encourage all registry staff to use this education to ensure a successful start with NCDR!

  • Important First Steps and Useful Information
  • Action Item #1: Complete all Information in the Administration Link
  • Action Item #2: Know the 10 Step Process to Registry Success
  • Action Item #3: Utilize All Available NCDR Resources
  • Action Item #4: Know NCDR Terminology and Acronyms!
  • Action Item #5: Review Coding Unique to International Participants (For Global Participants Only)
Important First Steps and Useful Information
  • Registry Site Manager (RSM) Checklist
  • Individual User Checklist
  • Terminology
  • ACC and NCDR Mission and Vision (video 1:22)
  • NCDR Registry Value (video 2:51)
  • History of NCDR (video 6:50)
  • Start Here Link - Tutorial (video 6:36)
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