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Introduction to Chest Pain - MI Registry v3 - Non-CE

Registry data abstraction is a technical process that requires extensive knowledge of dynamic clinical scenarios and intimate knowledge of data element definitions used to define when clinical events warrant representation within a registry.

The Chest Pain – MI Registry® is engaged in a dataset version update, moving from the previous version to v3, that will be implemented in the spring of 2019.  Whether participants are new to the data abstraction process or experienced, a version update will require everyone to become familiar with the scope of the dataset, the resources available and the details involved with all the aspects of data abstraction.  These recordings are designed to support participants in that effort and will:

  • Capture complete Chest Pain – MI Registry v3 data per each patient population and apply randomized sampling methodology consistently.
  • Submit complete and accurate data using the v3 data set and selected data submission option.
  • Utilize ACC online tool (or vendor tool) to streamline data abstraction time through implementation of data collection tool special features and inter-operability between NCDR registries.
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Expires on Dec 31, 2030
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