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Mastering Composite Performance Measures - Non-CE
Performance Composite scores are not calculated the same as individual performance measures. The Composite categories include Overall AMI Composite, STEMI Composite, NSTEMI Composite, Acute AMI Composite, Discharge AMI Composite. Additionally, the Defect Free Composite is an NQF endorsed measure which is calculated differently from the other Performance composites. Learning how the composites scores are calculated is a necessary first step to analyzing the trends contained within them. Analyzing the trends in the data will provided tangible evidence of success and areas where process improvements are necessary.

These recordings are designed to support participants in that effort and will:

• Summarize the impact of the Performance Composite measures on Public Reporting and Performance Achievement Award status
• Reduce the amount of answers needed from asking questions of NCDR
• Utilize the data to develop and implement a process improvement plan
• Illustrate the impact of each measurement methodology and their impact on each distinct view summary score of the performance composites
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Expires on Dec 31, 2030
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