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NCDR eReports Dashboard Review - Non-CE

The NCDR eReports Dashboard Review represents ACC’s platform to provide an enterprise wide view into the quality of cardiovascular care provided in multi hospital organizations. This tool, the eReports Dashboard, provides health systems, states, and other stakeholders with the ability to access all the data their hospitals receive from NCDR in one central location. These recordings in this course are designed to support participants in that effort where participants will: 

  • Utilize the DQR to understand the quality of data their facilities are submitting and how to use the feature to consistently monitor data submissions within their system.
  • Examine the functionality and primary purpose of each feature allowing them to customize the tool in a way that tailors to their specific organization.
  • Monitor the Notify tab, utilizes reports available in Reports tab, and understands how to receive files via File Delivery.
Availability: Retired
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