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Why Clinical Frailty? - 2022 Quality Summit presentation (Non-CE)

Why Clinical Frailty?

Kim Lavin, RN, MSN, MPH -  Associate, Registry Science Development, American College of Cardiology

The Chest Pain – MI Registry v3.1 dataset is anticipated in 2023 and will include the new data element Canadian Study of Health and Aging Clinical Frailty Scale.  This addition creates a new synergy between the CathPCI Registry & the Chest Pain – MI Registry. Whether you are engaged in one or both registries, this session will discuss the rationale which supported adding this variable to the datasets, how it should be captured and review the impact and expected impact it has on informing metrics.

Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize documentation that will support coding clinical frailty.
  • Identify one rationale for including frailty in a registry data set.
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Expires on Mar 30, 2026
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