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Regional Time Sensitive Care Coalitions Course


Research has shown that formal regional systems of care can improve clinical outcomes for time sensitive conditions, but there is considerable overlap in efforts between condition-specific systems of care efforts. Many regions have yet to develop any formal systems of care efforts. This course will introduce participants to the multi-condition regional time sensitive care coalition model and its associated implementation toolkit. The goal is to have participants use the model and the toolkit to implement or support a formal, multi-condition time sensitive care coalition in their own region. These recordings are designed to support participants in that effort and will:

  • Avoid efforts to improve their part of system without first considering the impact it will have on the goal/purpose of the overall system.
  • Seek ways to collaborate with other hospitals, not just with EMS, to improve systems of care in their region.
  • Endeavor to develop, implement and report on systems-level performance measures rather than just measures of their own hospital’s performance. 
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