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Heart Failure Accreditation Tool Orientation - CE

Statement of Need 

HF Accreditation participants need to understand how to successfully utilize the HF Accreditation tool.  The information contained within this module will provide a foundational understanding on the functionalities of the tool and how it will support them throughout the accreditation journey.  By providing these educational topics, HF Accreditation participants will be able access resources, reports, and communicate with their Accreditation Review Specialist as they identify improvement opportunities and adopt HF quality initiatives to achieve their ACC HF Accreditation status.

Overall Goal

These recordings are designed to support participants in that effort and will:  

  • Identify the functionalities available on the left bar menu of the online HF Accreditation tool.  
  • Identify the facility information which must be completed in the HF Accreditation tool.
  • Identify the functionality of each tab within the online HF Accreditation tool.
Availability: On-Demand
Expires on Nov 08, 2026
Credit Offered:
1 CME Credit
1 CNE Credit
1 COP Credit
1 IPCE Credit
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