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Heart Failure (HF) Accreditation Conformance Database and Calculated Measures - CE

Provide educational content related to Accreditation Conformance Database (ACD) and Calculated Measures within the online ACC Heart Failure (HF) Accreditation tool.  The user will demonstrate understanding of how to operate the ACD and then retrieve their performance measures based on the ACD input in the Calculated Measures tool.  The goal is to support and provide the ACC Accreditation Services’ customers with a tool to evaluate their HF program’s performance measures and patient outcomes.     

These recordings are designed to support participants in that effort and will: 

  • Ensure that participants are engaged and supported while achieving their ACC Heart Failure (HF) Accreditation.
  • Understand how to utilize the functionalities of the online accreditation tool to promote: 
    • Data collection to evaluate the effectiveness of their HF program. 
    • Compliance with HF quality metrics and performance measures. 
    • Review and analyze monthly outcome reports to identify opportunities of improvement. 


Availability: On-Demand
Expires on Aug 18, 2025
Credit Offered:
0.5 CME Credit
0.5 CNE Credit
0.5 COP Credit
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